7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Sistine Chapel

This is a chapel in the Apostolic Palace (the Sistine Chapel), the official residence of the holly Pope, in Vatican City in Rome (Roma).

Italy’s 10 most Romantic Towns and Villages

Italy (Italia) is the country of love and romance, with numerous romantic Cities, places and spots to fall in love again and again. Lets see them !

Top 7 Regions & Cities you Must Visit in Italy

Find your ideal Italian destination..!

New Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture in Venice (Italy) Highlights the Threat of Climate Change

The artwork looks is about the threat faced by cities like Venice (Venezia) in Italy, as ocean levels rise and urge people to take action.

The ancient Roman Empire Map

The sophomore in the University of Chicago Sasha Trubetskoy designed a subway-style transit map of all the roads in the Roman Empire circa 125 AD.

Italy to ban large Cruise Ships from Venice

Italian officials have agreed to stop the big Cruise Ships from Venice following protests from locals, environmentalists and Hollywood actors.

Top 5 Quotes About Italy You Should Know

Italy is full of wonders! Find out more about this beautiful country by reading the five quotes about the country’s glory, which we have selected for you!

Where to find the 7 Best Views of Italy

Italy is country blessed with scenic landscapes & landmarks, which you should definitely visit. Let us see together few of the most breathtaking views!

We Can Accurately Guess What Region Of The USA You’re From In Just 5...

These insightful questions will determine which region of the USA you're from!

A giant Cruise Ship landed in Venice

The giant Cruise ship was a great surprise and an amazing sight for those who were lucky to see it landed in Venice port (Venezia) in Italy!

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