Discovering Milan on the Historic Tram

Discovering Milan City from a different point of view. Welcome on board of the historic tram of Milan, the 1503 wagon, built during the 1920!

Stratolaunch – The new Biggest Aircraft in the World

The 500,000-pound new Aircraft (Stratolaunch) is 238 feet long, 50 feet tall, and rolls on 28 wheels. Stratolaunch is powered by Six engines!

Italy Volcano warning: ‘Dangerous lack of control’ in Vesuvian region (Campania) amid Eruption fear!

FEARS have been raised for shocking lack of control over volcanic activity in Italy’s Campania - home to the world’s most dangerous volcanoes.

Italy’s new High-Speed Train for just €65

Trenitalia is to introduce the first direct high-speed train link between the capitals of Umbria and Lombardy, the rail company confirmed this week.

Rome €50,000 Christmas Tree has been declared dead

The Christmas tree erected in Piazza Venezia in Rome at a cost of nearly €50,000 is deceased, no more, bereft of life, a full week before Christmas.

7 Things to Avoid in Italy

Italy isn’t perfect and like every country there are some things travelers should avoid in order to make a visit more enjoyable. Here are 7 of them:

Italian Grandmother is the oldest person in Europe

Italy’s nona Giuseppina Projetto, aged 115, has taken the title of Europe’s oldest living person after the death of a 116-year-old Spaniard.

World’s biggest Christmas Cake is made in Italy

It is not Christmas in Italy without a Panettone - and festivities kicked off in Milan with free slices of the biggest Italian candied cake in the World.

The Weather in Italy during Winter

Cold, wet & miserable? Not a bit of it. While the Italian Alpine is hoping for plenty of snow, elsewhere in Italy you can expect many fine, clear days!

A Medieval village in Tuscany, Italy, goes up for Sale on eBay for $3.1...

eBay’s great for buying all kinds of stuff – antiques, clothes, electronics, children’s toys, Italian villages…..wait a minute. Italian villages?

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