How to Say Merry Christmas in Italian

Buon Natale is the most direct way of saying Merry Christmas in Italian, but there are other ways to wish happy holidays. Here are some examples...

Discovering Milan on the Historic Tram

Discovering Milan City from a different point of view. Welcome on board of the historic tram of Milan, the 1503 wagon, built during the 1920!

Map shows “Merry Christmas” in many languages

A popular map showing how to wish people a “Merry Christmas” in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and many other European languages.

Christmas in New York City (10+pics)

New York: It's perhaps the only city in the world that, during the holidays, is immersed in its own typical hustle and a serene sense of seasonal magic.

The Italian Christmas feast of the 7 Fishes

What do you know about the Italian Christmas tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes? Discover the real origin of the Christmas Eve dinner!

Is this the Most Romantic Restaurant in the World?

The restaurant, part of Grotta Palazzese Hotel, is nestled into a vaulted limestone cavern giving diners an uninterrupted view of the Sea!

Why Italy in Winter is a Great Idea?

If you are planning to visit Italy and don’t mind the cold we suggest you to have a look at these five tips that makes winter in Italy a great idea.

See the Best of Tuscany in One Week

In order to see the very best of Tuscany (Toscana) in Italy, and to experience some of its stunning landscapes it’s best to visit the region by car.

Top 8 Expressions you’ll hear everyday in Italy

Expressions that you're sure to hear daily while walking around in Italy!

Naples Wants Its Pizza to Have UNESCO Status

Naples Italian pizza makers are hoping the United Nations agrees pizza twirling in Naples a candidate to join UNESCO's list of Intangible Heritage.

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