Top 10 Train Trips across Europe

There is no better way to see the European countryside than by train. If you're planning a trip across the continent, here are 10 of the best trips. Read on!

Florence Authotities closes a famous Church after falling stone kills a Tourist!

Florence’s famous Church, Basilica di Santa Croce will remain closed indefinitely after loose stonework struck and killed an unlucky Spanish tourist.

Top 5 Movies that Filmed in Rome

Rome is an open-air movie location: discover the most famous movies filmed in Rome to relive some of the moments that made the history of cinema!

Top 6 Christmas Markets in Italy

As Christmas approaches, we select the top Christmas markets in Italy which offer gift ideas, decorations, local handicrafts and festive food & wine!

Venice’s Bookstore Is One of the World’s most Unique

Libreria Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice is a mix between a flea market and a serious library. It's a definite must for book lovers who visit Venice!

What is the Sicilian Pizza?

Sicilian is the pizza prepared in a manner that originated in Sicily, Italy. In the USAs, the Sicilian pizza is synonymous with thick-crust or deep-dish pizza!

Archaeologists Uncover a Stunning Ancient City Built by the Greeks in Italy 2,500 Years...

Palatial building and luxurious imports signal that Ancient Greek founders of Poseidonia in Italy were living high on the hog from pagan pilgrims!

Top 10 Storybook Villages in Italy

Italy is just like a fairy-tale and its villages looks like they came straight out of a storybook. Here are the 10 most beautiful & breathtaking villages!

Homemade Sicilian Cannoli – Italian recipe

Cannoli Recipe is one of the most loved Italian desserts in the world. Recreate this version of this recipe using a mix of creamy ricotta and candied fruites!

Italian ZEPPOLE (Cream Puffs) recipe

In this video a classic italian dessert: Zeppole di San Giuseppe: Cream Puffs filled with vanilla egg custard and topped with sour cherries in syrup!

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