10 Foods that help Italians Live longer

Read here for a list of simple ingrediants that make up our list of 10 magical Foods and fruits that help Italian people live longer….

Top 12 unique Restaurants in the World

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The weather ‘Bomb Cyclone’ forced the World’s Biggest Airplane to land at a tiny Airport

The airport's gate wasn't even tall enough to reach the plane door!

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12 Amazing Facts about Sophia Loren

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The Medieval sinking Castle of Italy

The Scaliger Castle is a rare medieval fort from the 13th century. The castle is located in Lake Garda, Italy and has become a tourist attraction!

January 6… Celebrating ‘la Befana’ in Italy !

The Feast of Epiphany, celebrated January 6, a national holiday in Italy, and the tradition of la Befana are a part of Italian Christmas celebrations!

Top 8 Snowiest Cities in the World

Take a look at these eight snowy Cities around the World, where record snowfalls, ultra-frigid temps, and total whiteouts are nothing new.

Top 8 new Spectacular Train Trips in Italy

Rail holidays are having a renaissance — and Italy is home to some of the prettiest train routes in Europe. Here are eight of our favourites...

DHL Airplane Lands on Road in Italy (Video)

The Boeing 737-400, arriving from Paris, skidded past the runway and busted through a fence at Il Caravaggio International Airport (Bergamo).

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