Italian Police Lamborghini in New York

Italian Police showcase their Lamborghini during the yearly parade trough the streets of New York city in USA on Columbus day (October)!

This amazing New High-Speed Train will Travel you around ITALY easier than Ever

The train connects the cities of Perugia and Milan, with stops along the way.

A man is eating at Florence’s Restaurants for Free and Police can’t Stop him

A man from Germany has been eating his way around the best restaurants of Florence (Firenze) in Italy, without spending any money.

Top 7 most Beautiful Mountain Towns in Europe

We take a look at seven of the most beautiful and picturesque Mountain Towns in Europe, and what it is that gives them their distinct identity.

Naples is the most DANGEROUS City in Europe according to The Sun newspaper

British newspaper The Sun labelled Naples City (Napoli) as one of the World's ten most dangerous cities, alongside Isis-occupied Raqqa in Syria.

Eating on the Cheap in Venice, Here’s How

Venice is famous for overpriced restaurants and poor customer service. Here are a few tips for eating well in Venice without spending a fortune.

An amazing 8-day Cruise around Italy

Cruise around beautiful Italy with CroisiEurope, a family-owned cruise line known for a variety of European itineraries and excellent French cuisine.

Venice Is Restricting access to Cruise Ships — Here’s What it Means for Travelers

What to know if you're booking a cruise to Venice.

Top 7 Things to Do in Italy in January 2018

The new year 2018 launches the calendar of Italian events with a celebratory feel.

New Year fireworks at Colosseum – Rome

This is one of the happenings in Rome City, Italy, the New Years Eve of 2018

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