Shopping has become a very important priority for multiple travelers in all across the globe.
That is why many touristic travel destination are currently investing in upgrading their shopping centers.
Let us see together few of the most popular shopping streets in Italy…

1. Rome – Via Del Corso

If you are a traveler in Rome, do not forget to pay a visit to the famous shopping street Via Del Corso.

2. Milan – Via Monte Napoleone

Via Monte Napoleone is considered as the best place for shopping in Milan, a city that has so many to offer.

3. Florence – Via Giovan Battista Zannoni

Apart from all the architectural and art masterpieces, the traveler can also find many leather shop in Florence.

4. Venice – Mercerie

Venice has the famous Mercerie, which is an area with a chain of shopping boulevards and streets.

5. Naples – Via Toledo

If you are visiting Naples, do not forget to buy something from the most vibrant streets of the city, Via Toledo.

6. Verona – Via Mazzini

In Verona, the top shopping street is Via Mazzini. There the traveler can find the largest pedestrian zone.

7. Genoa – Via Garibaldi

In Via Garibaldi, the travelers can buy both clothes and tasteful delicacies. If you are lucky enough, you can also find good prices.

8. Turin – Via Polo

Via Polo is an excellent choice, if you are looking for buying books and antiquities. There are many vanguard shops and old workshops.

9. Portofino – Streets near the Harbor

If you are in Portofino, you will have the chance to visit the streets near the harbor, where local craftspeople and artisans offer several goods.

10. Bologna – Via Rizzoli

Via Rizzoli is the perfect street to “lure” the travelers into the stores, as there are tempting windows, from which you can see all the products.