“Benvenuti in Italia,” or welcome to Italy.

This phrase brings a smile to many visitors, whether for business or pleasure, as they set foot into the country for the first time.
Italy is a country rich in history, art, and culture, with gorgeous panoramic scenery to match, making it a popular tourist destination for people from around the world.
If you are going to visit Italy, you should probably know a few words that will help you communicate. Read our list and find out more!…
Buongiorno – Buona sera – Buona notte
These phrases would be the most frequent ones that you will hear; “buongiorno” means “good day”, “buona sera” means “good evening” and “buona notte” means “good night”.
Grazie mille
This phrase means, “thank you very much” in Italian and it is mostly used. If you are in a fine restaurant, do not forget to use it in order to show your good manners.
Dov’e il bagno?
You may use this sentence in case you need to go to the toilette. Be prepared and have always with you some change, as you may have to pay.
Un caffe, per favore
Italy is famous for its café. So, if you are here, make sure that you say the phrase “Un caffe, per favore”.
Sono (your first name)
In order to introduce yourself, you can use the phrase “Sono…” followed by your first name. That is an easy way to do it!
This particular word is used when two or more people are introducing themselves. So, its literal meaning is “nice to meet you”!

Un biglietto, per favore
As a traveler in a foreign country, you may need to buy a ticket. If that would be the case, do not forget to use “Un Biglietto, per favore” (“a ticket please”)!
Quanto costa?
Visiting other countries, means also that you “have” to purchase some goods that are not available in yours. In that case it is always good to know “Quanto costa?” (“how much does that cost?”).
Parli inglese?
The English language is the lingua franca, the “common” language, which is mostly used by the tourists. If you are not confident enough to talk Italian, do not forget to ask this question.
E buono
This phrase means “it is good” and it is always useful to know it either to show your gratitude for something or your astonishment.