Italy is very beautiful especially in the summer. You are going to visit this wonderful country… you should know a few things about its cities.
In every either big or little town, you can find streets that have everything and will amaze you with their architectural beauty.
Let us explore together the 10 most beautiful streets and alleys in Italy…

1. Streets of Spello

Spello is a little cute town with elements of a medieval and Renaissance architecture. This can be also seen at its cobblestone alleys or little stone bridges.

2. Galuppi, Burano, Italy

Burano is a tiny island located in the lagoon of Venice, which is well-known for its colorful dwellings!

3. Corso Santa Anastasia, Verona, Italy

The narrow streets of Corso Santa Anastasia are famous for having authentic antiques. Do not miss to find out more about them.

4. Dolceacqua, Liguria

This street in Dolceacqua is a typical example of the Italian streets, as it has a perfect blend of rustic elements.

5. Amalfi, Campania

Amalfi is a very popular destination especially in summer. That happens due its coast and its extremely beautiful roads.

6. Monte Pertica Street in Alberobello, Bari Province

The view at Monte Pertica Street is nothing but mesmerizing, as it is the first thing that you would notice here.

7. Sorno, Tuscany

Sorno will be another Italian street that is decorated with flowers and potted plants that will cheer you up.

8. Molfetta, Puglia

The street at Molfetta has several modern and rustic elements that could captivate the senses of every traveler.

9. Caruggi, Liguria

The street at Caruggi includes many stairs that will make the walking challenging. Do not worry, though. There are plenty cafes, where you can rest.

10. Bassiano, Lazio

Bassiano is a small place built amidst the Italian landscapes. It has a “carved-out” appeal that will amaze you.