Italy will always have a special place in the heart of many travelers.This country has the ability to captivate its guests using its natural beauties, cosmopolitan air and its people’s hospitability.
There are many reasons that will capture your feelings during your stay here.

We have tried to find the bests ones and show you what you have missed, if you do not have visited the country yet!

1. Food

Pizza, pasta, and calzones are the traditional specialties of the Italian restaurants. They may sound ordinary but their simplicity and harmoniously combined flavours will amaze you!

2. Wine and other Drinks

Italy is one of the number one countries in producing wine. The country’s wines are very famous especially abroad. Have the chance to taste them!

3. Gelato

What should we say about gelato?! There are no words describing the exceptional frozen taste of this delicious dessert. If you visit the country in summer, you should definitely have one!

4. Venice Canals

It might sound cliché but you have to visit Venice. Venice is the most typical Italian city that you will ever have the chance to visit! Do not lose that chance!

5. Art History

Especially in the past, Italians were widely known for having a tendency to practice all kind of arts. Because of that fact, Italy is full with museums and masterpieces.

6. Colorful Houses

If you want to lose your mind by gazing at the most beautiful and colourful houses in Italy, you should definitely visit Burano!

7. Vespa Life

The best way to see a city is on a vespa. Especially in summer, the weather is not ideal for walking long distances. A vespa will be the solution of your problem!

8. The Italian Culture

A culture is consisted of many things; family, food, arts and habits. Try to learn how to be a true Italian by observing what Italians do!

9. Architecture

Many Italian cities used to be big fortresses in the past. Because of that fact, there are typical architectural elements that characterize the majority of them.

10. Bridges

Ponte Vecchio, which is located in the beautiful city of Florence, is one of the most famous bridges of the country.