The thing that you should know about Italians is that they have a short temper. Italians are known for caring only about the important things; their family, their country and their food! Do not try to test them by doubting these three topics!

There are few things, which you should avoid to discuss with your Italian friends. Italians may seem relaxed, but you should know that they would not fear to confront you. Read our list and get informed about the facts that you should avoid during your visit there!

1. Tell them about how you’re “Italian”

It is not a good idea to tell your Italian friends about your great-great-great grandpa’s half brother, who was Italian. Save your stories and do not waste their time. Try to be authentic!

2. Eat spaghetti and meatballs

This dish is only eaten in several parts of southern Italy, but it is not very popular in other areas. Please, do not ask for it in a restaurant especially in northern Italy. Try to live without meatballs for a while!

3. Eat a carbonara sauce made with cream

The authentic recipe of “carbonara” is made that was made with eggs, cheese, bacon, and black pepper. The cream has been added by foreigners, who tried to imitate the Italian dish.

4. Ask them about the mafia

Mafia is a taboo in Italy. Everyone knows what it is happening, but it is much better when we do not discuss it. So, try not to bring that up!

5. Eat pineapple on your Pizza

Pizza and pasta are the national dishes of Italy. During your stay there, try to eat the authentic versions of each dish. Please do not add pineapple on your pizza! They will not respect you!

6. Equate northern Italy with southern Italy

The differences between the north and the south are many. The culture, the people and the food differ in a great aspect. Do not think that they are the same and try to make comparisons!

7. Offer them bad Coffee

Coffee is the “drug” of the Italians. Because of the wide use of the caffeine, Italians have developed ways to improve the preparation of coffee. Offer them a bad coffee, will not make you their beloved person abroad!

8. Drive slowly

Driving is huge topic in Italy, as many drivers are characterized as risky and intolerant. Please respect the speed limits but not drive too slowly; the consequences will be severe!

9. Exaggerated Italian accent

Speaking Italian as a foreigner does not mean that you should imitate their accent. If you try to improve it, it is ok, but not exaggerat.

10. Swearing

There is no need for swearing in Italy. Every problem can be solved with a few magical drops of limoncello! Try to relax and the fury will pass.