Traveling in Tuscany can be a spiritual experience – especially if you spend the night sleeping beneath the altar of this 18th century Church-turned-hotel.Architecture firm O2 Studio redesigned the church into a luxury suite by preserving and restoring the original frescos and the central altar, while introducing
new furniture and fixtures made by local artisans to give it an updated feel. The former church is located on the premises of the new Villa Marta hotel, near the city of Lucca in Tuscany.For years the structure had been used as a storage space. The architects were commissioned to transform it into a luxury suite. They envisioned a minimalist space that keeps its ceremonial character.
The original altar functions as the bedroom, with the traditional red rug uniting the sleeping space. The architects converted the side niches of the chapel into
relaxation and bathroom areas, including a walk-in closet space. Carrara marble is used for flooring, while local artisans made all the wooden elements, including the furniture, sliding doors and window shutters.