One year after a powerful earthquake rattled the central regions of Italy (August 24, 2016), one of the hardest hit villages, Amatrice, is still full of rubble.The damage this village in Lazio has suffered is made all the more painful when you consider that Amatrice is listed as one of Italy’s most beautiful historic villages, yet, to this day, it remains indelibly scarred.
Amatrice was built at the foot of the Monti della Laga mountains in the Middle Ages.
A popular tourist destination before the earthquake, Amatrice is the town that gave the name to one of Lazio’s, and Italy’s, most famous dishes: bucatini all’amatriciana, made with guanciale and pecorino cheese.

100 million euros have been allocated by the Italian government to help the struggling economy of southern Italy. Part of it is supposed to be used for the reconstruction of the villages damaged by the earthquake, including Amatrice. Source: