The construction of the church began in 1296 and completed in 1436. The Gothic architecture of the monument is absolutely amazing and it is fairly on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The stunning dome was inspired by the Roman architecture and has remarkable cultural details from the Medieval Ages and the Renaissance.
The beautiful church dominates Florence landscape in all its glory and is the most famous landmark in the city…

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This fantastic architectural achievement is enough reason to pay a visit in Italy. Besides the cathedral, there are interiors with beautiful paintings from famous Italian artists and some wonderful feature frescoes, that you must see at least once in you life.

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The best part is that you can visit this very attraction whenever you want, since it is open to view anytime and of course if you see the city of Florence, you won’t need an excuse to visit such a majestic and picturesque city.

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Also it is pretty easy and simple to find the monument, since it is posited in the center of Florence and you can reach it on foot, while walking to the streets and exploring the wonderful town.