If you have at least  $333,057 in you bank account and you always wanted a picturesque place to rest and chill, then maybe this is your chance.

You could own the Borgata Calsazio, a charming mountain village near Turin in the amazing Italy.
There are a few residents that still live in the village. You will also have to be required for restoring Borgata Calsazio’s fourteen wood and stone homes, according to a plan set out by the National Union of Mountain Communities.
The village is described as “strategic,” right in the shadow of the Gran Paradiso National Park, and suggests that it could be cultivated into tourist accommodations and restaurants.

It is also in a close proximity to Milan, Turin, and Genoa. But be careful, if you’re going to go in on the village you better be in it for the long time, since there are no refunds on Borgata Calsazio.