Campania is a region in southwestern Italy known for its ancient ruins and dramatic coastline. The bustling city of Naples (Napoli) is the regional capital of the area.
Campania is the third-most-populous region of Italy. It includes the small Phlegraean Islands and Capri. It was colonized by Ancient Greeks and was part of Magna Grecia.
Campania has everything you have ever wanted: history, good food, music and colors! Here are the best places you should not miss!

1. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is simply magical. Do not miss the chance to go hiking across the wonderful naturally made trail that leads to every village of the coast and is surrounded by lush vegetation!

2. Grotta Azzurra

The Grotta Azzurra is oe of the most breathtaking natural wonders you have ever experienced. It is a small sea cave in Capri that allows sunlight from a tiny aperture that makes its water seem deep blue!

3. Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii

Who has not heard of the famous Mount Vesuvius and the remains of Pompeii and does not want to see it? You can take a walk around the volcano or visit the ancient city of Pompeii. It will surely give you goosebumps!

4. Naples’ Streets

You cannot visit Campania without visiting the third largest city in Italy and one of the best in the world. Naples combines everything and a walk through its streets will remind you of the vintage Italian cinema!

5. Procida

Procida, or “Proceta” in Naples, is a lovely island in the Bay of Naples. It used to be a part of the Ancient Greek colonies as it can be explained by the remains found there. The colorful houses and the picturesque streets are amazing!

6. Ravello

Ravello is the wonderful town lying above the lovely Amalfi Coast. It carries a great history and it is protected by UNESCO. The picturesque and colorful streets are magical!