Porto Venere – The Coastal Gem of Italy

Porto Venere is an Italian small yet absolutely stunning town. Its unique beauty and historic heritage are protected by UNESCO organization!

Atrani – an Undiscovered Town on Amalfi Coast, Italy

Atrani, Italy is a tranquil, picturesque town located on the Amalfi Coast. Although it is less known, Atrani is an absolutely worth visiting place!

Verona – The hidden Italian region with the wine and hilltop villages to rival...

Beyond the gates of Verona (Tuscany) there is a spectacular world, with picturesque landscapes of vineyards and wonderful and cherry trees..!

7 Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in Umbria

Often referred to as the green heart of Italy, Umbria is a treasure of exploration. You couldn’t possibly ignore Umbria’s fertile landscape...

Furore – a Small Town Embedded in a Fiord, Italy

Furore is a wonderful secret place in Campania region of south-western Italy that is located in the Coast of Amalfi, But why you should visit this place?

Calabria – Italy’s secret South Coast

Calabria is surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrhenian Seas. But why you should visit such a place, which is overlooked by the sun-seeking crowds?

The Colorful Isle of Burano In Venice

One of the most romantic and beautiful travel destinations in Italy is Burano. This small town is practically an island located north of Venice!

Florence: The magical City of Italy (Video)

Florence, one of the most beautiful and visited art cities in the world, is an open-air museum, placed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1982!

10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Sicily

Sicily (Sicilia) is considered one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. Find the best places to see in Sicily below. You'll be amazed of their beauty!

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Positano

If you are still hesitating of planning your trip to Positano (Italy), here are some reasons that will definitely change your mind!