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As Sydney, Auckland and Singapore are among the first to see in 2018, we highlight the amazing Fireworks and Celebrations all around the World.

A Gift from MILAN, Italy – Timelapse Video

If you have yet to see this incredible time-lapse of Milan City (Milano) in Italy, prepare to be blown away. An amazing Video (2:51) by Yury Sirri Nakvas!

The 10 Best Cities To Visit By Train In Italy

If you are thinking of visiting the whole Italy, then you have to do it by train. By that way you will enjoy the route as well as the destination!

The Saturnia Thermal Springs in Tuscany

Hidden in a corner of southern Tuscany these springs are located just outside the town of Saturnia in the Maremma. A spa in Tuscany made by gods!

10 Fairytale Castles In Italy

Italy is a country with magic powers: it has the ability to transport its visitors to fairytale places. Let's see the most magical castles of the country!

5 Italian Islands Which You Must Visit

Italian islands are said to hold a unique character. Topped with local cuisines & beautiful beaches, they have something special to offer, individually!

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Will Cinque Terre turn Tourists away?

The villages of Cinque Terre now rely solely on tourism, but ironically, the only way to preserve them might be to cut the number of visitors by half.

Map of Rome with major Places + Sights

An detailed Map of Rome, Italy, showing main places, streets, areas, roads, landmarks and sights. Find out where is Rome and get great travel ideas!

10 Most Incredible Sculptures In Italy

Italy is world widely known for its rich history and famous artists. The contribution of this country to the world-art-history is so important!