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Where to Travel in Italy: The Ultimate Guide

Italy passes a new Law to encourage all Restaurants & Supermarkets to give unsold...

The Italian government has overwhelmingly backed a new set of laws aimed at cutting down the vast amounts of food wasted in the country each year.

Venice to Budapest by Private Train (11 day Trip)

Glide from the beautiful canals of Venice all the way to Hungary’s capital on the Danube, Budapest, on this deluxe rail journey by private train.

This Italian Town (Ollolai) is selling homes for $1

Ever dreamed of a home in a pretty village in Italy? The news you've been waiting for has arrived. The Italian town of Ollolai is selling homes for a dollar!

Easy Tuna Carbonara Pasta

Try this delicious, classic and quick recipe (with ingredients) for Tuna Carbonara. It's creamy and satisfying and perfect for busy weeknights.

LATEST NEWS for Italy Train Crash – Rescue efforts of train derailment near Milan...

A train derailed west of Milan in a serious rail accident which has reportedly killed at least four, and left around a hundred passengers injured.

10 Days Itinerary Road Trip in Tuscany

Here is my itinerary for a 10-day road trip in Tuscany, Italy, with visits to some of the top sights, as well as the exploration of less touristy spots.

The Extreme Cold of -62°C in Russia’s Village Caused People’s Eyelashes to Freeze

There are few who would be knowing that sometimes winter becomes so cold that the eye lashes also freezes. It happened in Russia.

The Coldest Village in the World just hit -80°F

Anyone moaning about the severe weather...could be worse, This is village of Oymyakon in Russia where it is currently -62°C (-80°F) !!!!

What to Wear in Italy all Year Round

It's now winter in Europe and the Snow is falling. You may be wondering what to wear in Italy in any time of the year for your vacation.