The Blue Grotto, is a natural cavern of 25 meters wide and 60 meters long, with a tiny entrance less than a meter high.

To enter, visitors lay back in wooden rowboats and glide through the low cave mouth. Once inside, the boats sails in the dark and the water is so blue that it seems like a fairy tail.
Entrance to the Blue Grotto is possible only by boarding small rowboats which hold a maximum of four passengers at a time.
The entrance ticket must be purchased at the floating ticket office at the cave entrance. After purchasing your ticket, your skipper will ask that you lay back in order to pass through the small mouth of the cave.Once inside, your skipper will row you around the cavern, singing traditional Neapolitan folk songs which echo off the rock walls and create a memorable atmosphere.By tour boat, you can take it from Marina Grande, the Motoscafisti, Laser Capri, and Capri Cruise boat charter companies depart with organized group tours.
Tickets cost around EUR 18 and the tour takes about 2 hours. The Motoscafisti charter also offers round trip transport to the Blue Grotto from the port and the tickets for this service are EUR 15 and the trip lasts about an hour or so and it is magical.