When you see the breath-taking beauty and the pure landscapes of Calabria, the answer will be simple. Calabria is a compinesion of rich history, amazing gastronomy and beautiful beaches.
If you want to experience the beach life like a local then, you should defenately visit the town of Caminia.
Camina is a little curve of gorgeous undeveloped beach surrounded by pebbled sand and warm water. But if you crave action the ideal beach will be of course the famous beach town of Soverato!Last but not least, the jewel of the Tyrrhenian coast, the unbeliavably beautiful ‘Diamante’. With long white beaches, crystal clear waters and sloping cliffs, that picturesque beauty won’t let anyone unsutisfied!Culture seekers will defenately enjoy a visit in Calabria. The region has one of the oldest records of human presence in Italy, so imagine the brief history and the places you can explore.
If you are a food lover Calabria won’t let you down. The food served in Calabria is as delightfully tasty and delicious. The old town of Tropea is known for the area’s oldest pizzeria “Il Vecchio Forno”. Here the freshly-made pizza that is still traditionally baked in a stone oven.