Lake Como might not be the largest lake of the country, but we can tell for sure that it is the most beautiful one of all and it has been characterized as the loveliest in the world. It is located in the wonderful region of Lombardy, northern Italy.
It is the third largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, but it has nothing to be jealous of.
Its amazing “Y” shape make it automatically unique and every place around it hides amazing treasures!

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The banks of Lake Garda is a heavenly place on earth for those who wish to have a great time of relaxation. The lush vegetation is always in bloom and the lake can be seen from every place, creating a breathtaking scenery!

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The landmark of Lake Como is the impressive area covered by beautiful villas. The first ones were built during the Roman times and have been reconstructed several times!

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Today they form some of the most charming constructions in Italy, as they are surrounded by lovely gardens that include great varieties of plants, trees and colorful exotic flowers!

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[wp_ad_camp_1There are many picturesque villages and small towns around the lake, waiting to be explored. You can rent a car or a vespa, like a true Italian, and start a road trip at the shores of the lake, discovering all the amazing places hidden there and learning the customs of the locals!

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Do not miss the chance to enjoy the delicious traditional specialties made in the small restaurants!