Few cities like Rome, offer such a variety of experiences and few visitors are leaving from this wonderful city without the desire to return.

Rome is the capital of Italy and a true piece of art.  It has everything you would like from a modern city and at the same time a traditional beauty.
From the ruins of the glorious Roman Empire to the Renaissance and the Baroque buildings of its historic center, Rome is a brilliant architectural mosaic, a real masterpiece.
Start your trip from the Vatican, which is an independent  state since 1929 and stop to admire the largest church in the world, the  Basilica of St. Peter.On the west bank of the River Tiber, Trastevere, there are innumerable authentic pizzerias and restaurants, with many local specialties to taste. The cobblestone streets can easily take visitors back to the past seasons of the gladiators.
During the day go through the morning market that you’ll find in the same area, vendors selling locally limoncello, pasta, and juicy ripe products on their benches. Don’t forget to throw a coin into the Fontana Di Trevi and wish to return in this magical city.