Milan city that until recently Italians would dismiss as ‘grey’ is becoming ever more verdant thanks to the creative minds of designers and architects.Italy’s second biggest city is reinventing itself, with a shining horizon of brand-new skyscrapers dramatically changing the face of Milan.
his architectural makeover is not just about urban sprawl, though – it involves plant-covered buildings, rooftop gardens and innovative parks.The two plant-covered towers of the Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) by starchitect Stefano Boeri stand out in this new Manhattan-like skyline.
The idea behind this skyward forest is as simple as it is innovative: giving back to nature the space urbanisation is taking from it.
Hosting about 800 trees and 15,000 plants, the vegetation covering both towers is equivalent to a 20,000sqm forest. The sustainable residential buildings contribute to the construction of a microclimate, producing humidity, absorbing CO2 and dust particles and giving oxygen in return.