Top 10 Foods to Try in Tuscany

There are plenty of reasons to adore Tuscany in Italy. One of them is definitely the food. This list includes 10 dishes we recommend on your next visit.

Woman in Italy hit by Rome Metro Train, she might have been pushed

Police in Rome are investigating whether a woman seriously injured by an underground train on Friday could have been pushed onto the tracks.

Lake Resia, The Sunken Town in Italy Where You Can actually Walk on the Water

This takes “walking on water” to an astonishingly real-life level.

LATEST NEWS for Italy Train Crash – Rescue efforts of train derailment near Milan – LIVE UPDATES

A train derailed west of Milan in a serious rail accident which has reportedly killed at least four, and left around a hundred passengers injured.

The amazing Wine Map of Italy

A map with all the types of wines from Italy's wine regions. See which regions of Italy are the most important and descriptions of how wines taste.

Top 6 Italian Women who changed the World

To celebrate International Women's Day, we take a look at six groundbreaking Italian women from the worlds of politics, science & art.

Venice Restaurant charged Tourists €1,100 for a meal

Venice's mayor and police have promised action after tourists said they were charged €1,100 for a meal of four steaks, grilled fish, and water!

10 Days Itinerary Road Trip in Tuscany

Here is my itinerary for a 10-day road trip in Tuscany, Italy, with visits to some of the top sights, as well as the exploration of less touristy spots.

The Extreme Cold of -62°C in Russia’s Village Caused People’s Eyelashes to Freeze

There are few who would be knowing that sometimes winter becomes so cold that the eye lashes also freezes. It happened in Russia.

The Food Map of Italy

Italy equals pizza and pasta, right? Wrong. Yes, if you go to Rome you definitely must eat carbonara and if you go to Naples you have to try Pizza.