How to Tavel in Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe for under $500 in just One Trip

Thanks to a slew of sleek new bus companies, you can actually loop around 10 of Europe's grand capital cities for 500 bucks. Yeah, we said Bus..

The World Famous Carnival of Venice

Join in this world famous party in Venice from 27th January-13th February 2018

The Coldest Village in the World just hit -80°F

Anyone moaning about the severe weather...could be worse, This is village of Oymyakon in Russia where it is currently -62°C (-80°F) !!!!

Top 10 Cities in the World for Arts & Culture

Here are the best Towns and Cities around the World for soaking in Culture and finding inspiration in the Arts, starting with the top spot.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Just because a place looks like paradise it doesn’t mean it is. Here are 10 most dangerous beaches that could lead you into a false sense of security.

What to Wear in Italy all Year Round

It's now winter in Europe and the Snow is falling. You may be wondering what to wear in Italy in any time of the year for your vacation.

10 Perfect Places to Retire in Tuscany

There are som many places in Italy where you could have a happy carefree retirement but the best of them are in Tuscany region!

Boeing 737-800 Skids off Runway

Panic broke out on a passenger jet when it skidded off the runway at a Turkish airport and plunged down the side of a cliff overlooking the sea!

The 4 Best Road Trips in Italy

Here, we’ve put together our favorite Italian road trip itineraries — including where to stop, where to stay, and what you’ll see along the way.

Italian Citizenship: What is the Difference between Applying in the USA versus Applying in Italy?

Italian Family explains the advantages of applying for Italian dual citizenship!

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