This historic town has its roots back to 1st century BC. It is said that the goddess Venus has been spoted on the coast, so they name the town after her. There was a temple dedicated to Venus but today it has been replaces by the beautiful little church of Peter the Apostle.
This picturesque fishing village has many colorful houses all along the rocky coastline creating an absolutely stunning sight.
There are many narrow Medieval alleys that can lead you all the way to the ruins of Doria Catle of the 12th century, which is a marvelous tourist attraction that you should visit.A boat tour on the turquoise waters of the archipelago is a must-do, since there are many island nearby that are worth the exploration. Porto Venere is one of the most gorgeous towns on the Ligurian coast and provides a variety of things to do and see.
From the rich historic heritage, the eccentric nature and the numerous activities, Porto Venere is a place that won’ t let you down. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Porto Venere is ideal to visit all year round and also pretty with a great accessibility. You can get there by boat or by car.