This ancient city is a true jewel on the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea and it will definitely enrapture you with its authentic and extraordinary charm.
Salerno is often overlooked but it’s a crucial crossroads and today has become an important commercial center.
Salerno is truly beautiful and characteristic historic center with many charming and picturesque alleyways to explore and numerous buildings and monuments with unique architecture…

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The rich history of the city is pretty obvious. Walking through the Mediaval town you can explore the beautiful churches with great architecture and many museums and of course the most famous landmark of the city, the Arehi Castle.

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For a relaxing promenade the vivid port is providing a enjoyable trail. Don’t forget to taste the Italian cuisine. There are many restaurants with ancient recipes that will give you a great taste of some traditional dishes.

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The view to the sea is absolutely breath-taking and you can visit the anytime town during the year.  Although the busiest seasons are spring and early autumn, when there are lots of happenings and many tourists as well.

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The access to this wonderful place is pretty simple. You can go by train, bus or boat and also by plain, since the nearest airport is in Naples.