Diving off a dock. Casting a fishing line from a boat. Sitting on a warm rock with your toes dangling in the cool water. This is the stuff that summer memories are made of—and it all happens at the lake.
USA defenately has numerous lakes on each of its states. But for sure every single one of them has a uíique beauty and they create a picturesque scenery that you will never forget.
Let’s discover together belowe the 10 most beautiful and Breathtaking lakes in the United States of America..

1. Mono Lake, California

The famous lake that Mark Twain once wrote about. The scenery, created by the tufa formations and the sound of silence in this place will give yďu relaxing and unique experience that you will never forget.

2. Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and one of the most beáutiful. This lake is a product of glacial runoff and precipitation that create that stunning beauty. You can swim in the crystal clear waters of the lake during summer or you can go hiking and enjoy the impressive nature all around the lake!

3. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

If you love water sports like kayak then you should take a look on Yellowstone Lake. The view is really a beauty to behold and it is something you won’t find elsewhere. For swimmers it won’t be a great option since this activity is banned due to the water’s temperature.

4. Bear Lake, Alaska

Bear Lake in the Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the 3 million lakes that Alaska have. The most fascinating fact about that lake is that if you are lucky you may see the Northen Lights which is definately a life time experience.

5. Hanging Lake, Colorado

For those who like hiking and long, relaxing walks Harging Lake is the ideal destination. The turquoise waters and the delightful landscape will give make you believe that it is heaven on earth.

6. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and one of the most ancient. It is a true piece of art, with breath-taking mountain views and stunning crystal clear waters. Also there are many ski resorts and casinos that are pole of attraction for many people.

7. Lake George, New York

If you are an adventure enthusiast then Lake George won’t let you down. With numerous activities such as hot air balloon rides, camping and drive-in movie theaters, a visit in this place will definately be an amusing experience.

8. Redfish Lake, Idaho

The story behind the name of Redfish Lake is obvious. There are massive amounts of salmons that migrated from the Pacific Ocean. The lake is an oasis of serenity and the best place for a relaxing break from the daily routine.

9. Lake Superior, Michigan

The words are needless when it comes to Lake Superior. With its unique geology from mini-lakes to impressive waterfalls Lake Superior is an amazing sight that you will see once in your lifetime.

10. Avalanche Lake, Montana

The perfect place for the most beautiful view. Avalnce lake is surrounded by impressive mountains and green forests and it is definately a masterpiece of Mother nature. Walking around the lake and admiring the amazing landscape will never be enough for this magical place.