The masks of Venice are a centuries old tradition and have been worn throughout history.

Today you will find people wearing them during the carnival di Venezia, an annual carnival ending with the celebration of Lent.Throughout this time the streets are filled with people draped in magnificent outfits, with matching gilded masks.
If you’re lucky enough to see the festivities, then you’ll discover how the mix of extravagant ensembles and Venice’s romantic architecture.


This mask covers the entire face with a pronounced chin, nose and no mouth.

The chin line normally points up to allow the person to eat, talk and drink. They were traditionally considered a piece of art and those who wore them would pair it with a red cape.


This mask became popular after an actress of the commedia dell’arte (a form of improvised theatre, with a cast of colourful characters) did not want her beautiful face covered


The Moretta mask may be one of the most unusual designs. It originated in France but gained popularity in Venice, it’s worn exclusively by women and paired with a stylish black veil.


This is one of the most popular designs amongst those taking part in the carnival. It’s more comfortable to wear than some of the others and they come in a variety of designs.