The Park of Monsters is a Manieristic monumental complex located in northern Italy and the garden was created during the 16th century. Beneath the castle of Orsini, there are numerous sculptures, and small buildings, located among the natural lush.
The park’s name comes from the many sculptures and it is the work of Pier Francesco Orsini who created the gardens after his wife’s death.
The Park was completed in 1552 and it is actually the work of Pirro Ligorio, the architect who completing St. Peter’s Cathedral after the death of Michelangelo…

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Those monstrous statues appear to be unconnected to any rational plan, it seems like they have been strewn randomly all around the area.

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The place was for along time abandoned and forgotten, but the Spanish painter Salvador Dali made a short movie about the park, so the Bettini family took over the restoration of the place, which lasted throughout the 1970s.

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The wandering through the park will take about 2 hours and it is a lifetime experience. The strange atmosphere creates a mysterious sense that will make the adrenaline flows through your veins.

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The impressive, enormous statues sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere and this unique park is located about nine miles from the city of the wonderful city of Viterbo and it definitely worth your visit.