Venice is really famous for the numerous bridges. There are countless different sizes and styles that made the bridges the trademark of this gorgeous city!
In Venice there are 354 bridges and one of them is the Rialto Bridge, which is the first bridge over the Grand Canal.
It was built in 1181 by the disused vessels. The bridge was rebuilt 1591 by famous architects such as Sansovino and Vignola and it’s a true piece of art…

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Another remarkable bridge is the Accademia bridge. Built by engineer Eugenio Mozzi, It is one of the most gorgeous bridges of the city, with an absolutely stunning view of the Grand Canal and the amazing church of Santa Maria della Salute.

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The first land connection that you can see when you come into town from the station is the Scalzi Bridge. It was built in 1858 and is a beautiful construction absolutely well harmonized with the picturesque  landscape of Venice.

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Another bridge is the Bridge of Sighs. It connects  Palazzo Ducale to the PrigioniNove. And there is a legend that the indicted people, had to cross the bridge to go to jail, but today it is really famous for the couples to kiss each other on the bridge because they believe that its the bridge of the lovers.

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There are of course many other bridges around Venice to explore. For example the “Freedom Bridge” which was opened in 1933 by Benito Mussolini it allowed, for the first time in history, to reach Venice by car.