One of the most enjoyable places to have your honeymoon is in Italy. It offers a bevy of options for a newly wedded couple to sit back, relax and enjoy their love for one another.
If you want to have the perfect wedding, you should also make your plans about the honeymoon.
Italy is undoubtedly known as one of the most romantic places in the world. Let us check out together 10 of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Italy!

1. Rome

Rome is the capital city of the Italian state and is considered to be an architectural masterpiece with a historic background and cosmopolitan aura. Do not forget to get lost at the city’s streets, where you can find little local restaurants with exceptional culinary options

2. Venice

Venice is claimed to be a magical city, as it combines many elements. Its watery and city element give you the impression that you are walking in the pages of a fairytale. Grab the opportunity to stay a little longer away from your routine and gaze at the breathtaking palaces and the dreamy scenery

3. Florence

Florence is the vibrant centre of the region, as it is full with art masterpieces and historical monuments that will simply impress you. Visit the Ponte Vecchio, which is “the old bridge” of the town, and watch the sunset. The marvelous Duomo is also one architectural masterpiece that cannot be missed

4. Cinque Terre

Everyone has already seen a picture from this magical place. Cinque Terre is considered to be an earthy paradise of colours. The breathtaking scenery will amaze you and your spouse. Do not forget to visit also the local vineyards, where you can both get drunk both in wine and in love

5. Siena

Siena is one of the loveliest Italian cities. It has a medieval character, as it is located in Tuscany. Its charm mixes both history and modernity. The places that you should definitely visit are the beautiful Piazza Il Campo and the Torre del Mangia tower, where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the town

6. Verona

Verona was always the home of the romantics, as the ultimate romantic couple of all the times ? Romeo and Juliet ? lived here. Visit the square, the Piazza delle Erbe, but do not forget to go also to the Juliet’s house in order to see the beloved balcony, where all started

7. Amalfi Coast

The location of the Amalfi Coast is the ideal place to be, if you are newlywed. The scenery is magical, as the town is suspended between picturesque mountains and crystal blue sea. Moreover, the Amalfi Coast is considered to be a stunningly beautiful coastline that could offer romantic evening and breathtaking views

8. Capri

Despite its size, Capri is an elegant little island that could offer the chance to all the newlyweds to have magical honeymoon vacations. Be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes and the deep blue waters, while you will have your coffee at a chic cafe in its pretty piazzas

9. Sorrento

Sorrento is located at the sea side having spectacular views over the Bay of Naples. It has maintained its authentic vibes that are full of romance. Come here and have the chance to enjoy the sunset with your soul mate. Do not forget to taste also the delicious spirit of the region; limoncello

10. Como

The city of Como located on the lake’s southwestern tip is one of the most beloved travel destination among the celebrities of Hollywood. Grab your best outfit and come here with your spouse in order to make the best impression to George Clooney, who owns a beautiful villa at the region!