America is a big continent divided in many regions and states.
The following list will make easier for the travelers to write down the most beautiful states and what worth a visit in them.
We should not lose any time let us start!…

1. Florida

Florida is situated in the southernmost point of continental United States and is well-known for its trendy beaches.

2. Oregon

Oregon is simply breathtaking. That is why many scenes from the movie “Lord of the Rings” have been shot here.

3. Michigan

Great lakes and natural beauties surround Michigan. That fact makes the region very attractive to all the nature lovers.

4. Colorado

Colorado is a place hosting a great number of gorgeous national parks and monuments, charming ski resorts and historical towns.

5. Hawaii

Hawaii is characterized by its exceptional culture, rich flora and fauna, and diverse scenery. It is often the ideal destination for newlywed couples.

6. Arizona

Arizona is the synonym of Grand Canyon State. That is why this region is one of the most visited states in the country.

7. Utah

Utah has an inspiring, peculiar, and utterly gorgeous character that can be shown in every corner of its cities.

8. Alaska

Situated near to the Arctic Ocean, Alaska is considered the largest and the least densely populated state.

9. Montana

Montana has so many to offer to its travelers; unspoiled landscapes and big blue skies are few of them.

10. California

California is simply charming having all these iconic beaches, fascinating cities and picturesque vineyards.