Italy is synonymous with great pasta, beautiful architecture, and a rich history of artistic traditions.According to CNN, the country and its people also hold the bragging rights to many other, often less celebrated things!
Those charming people were pioneers for many things and they certainly are artist in many things.

From coffee to gelato, to suits and beaches, the Italians have a certain flair for food, fashion and fun. Here are 10 things our Italian friends do like no one else!

1. Coffee

Espresso, cappuccino, macchiato are just few of the delicious coffees you can find in Italy and you won’t try anything better in your life!

2. Aperitivo

It’s the height of civilization and no one on earth does it with the devotion of the Italians!

3. Shoes

Italy is the country of fashion, where the finest craftsmanship and the most convention-shattering ideas in footwear are made.

4. Movies

Many brilliant personalities such as Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, and Anita Ekberg-draped are Italians and many cinematic masterpiecies, like Benigni’s Life Is Beautiful, were filmed in Italy!

5. Suits

Every Italian man has class and style and they are inhabiting their clothes in a way that seems at once both classic and plucked from the future!

6. Sunglasses

Luxottica, an Italian company, manages some 80 percent of the world’s eye wear brands. Sunglasses is a must accessory in every Italian man and woman.

7. Pasta

The country of gastronomy knows well how to make the true Italian-style pasta with divine elegance. It’s about the noodles and also about sugo, or sauce and Italians know the secret!

8. Beaches

There are endless Italian beaches with rock cliffs on one side, deep blue Mediterranean on the other. And small means crowded creating a breathtaking sight!

9. Cars

When it comes to luxury power sports cars Italian is here with Maserati and Lamborghini to prove itself..

10. Gelato

Gelato is slow-churned, and dispensed, generally, at higher temperatures and in Italy you can try the most mouthwatering one, in a variety of amazing flavors.