Every person has different reactions to the reality. The reactions depend on the temperament, character and cultural background. Let us see ten strange things only Italians do!
Italians are very expressive people. They do not fear to confront others or even their fears. There are many characteristics of their cultural background that cannot be understood by the majority of the foreigners, though.Few of these things are very annoying and look very strange to others as well. Reading this lou’ll have the chance to discover the secrets of the Italian attitude.
Safety in Car: Italy is one of the countries, which is on the top ten list with car accidents. The Italian drivers do not like to wear seatbelts or use baby seats.

Nobody in the passing lane: Although Italians do not pay that much attention to their safety, they never drive in the passing line. That is absolutely correct, as this line is only for passing!

No wet Hair: Italians care about their health and do not want to catch a cold. That is why, they will never go out with having wet hair.

Saying always “Hello”: If an Italian enters a store, he or she is obliged to salute. It is something like a cultural obligation. Nobody must do it but they do! We know one thing for sure; they are polite!
No eggs for breakfast: Apparently, this looks bizarre to the American readers, who tend to eat eggs as a breakfast. A typical Italian breakfast is consisted of a cup of strong coffee and a piece of pastry.

Walking arm in arm: Italians do not fear to be affectionate and express their feelings. Due to that, it is very common to see male friends walking holding arms or hands.

Hello, kiss, goodbye: If you meet someone once, they are automatically acquaintances and have to be saluted with a “hello” and a kiss.

Scarves everywhere: Because of their fear to catch a cold, they are always wearing a scarf. It is also a stylish way to be in fashion.