Venice’s mayor and police have promised action after tourists said they were charged €1,100 for a meal of four steaks, grilled fish, and water!It’s the latest in a string of incidents of tourists in Italy being overcharged for food, and made headlines after organization Gruppo 25 Aprile shared the story.
The 4 Japanese customers, who were studying at university in Bologna, filed a complaint with police about their meal near the iconic St Mark’s Square.The restaurant owner on the other hand told local daily Venezia Today he “did not remember having any problems with any Japanese clients”.
Venice is a pricey city at the best of times, but tension between local business-owners and the steadily increasing number of visitors has contributed to some ill-feeling towards tourists.
After the most recent incident was reported around the world, Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro said that if the “shameful episode” was confirmed to be true, city authorities would punish those responsible.