Beyond the gates of Verona there is a spectacular world, with picturesque landscapes of vineyards and wonderful, cherry trees creating true pure and natural beauty that will definitely blow your mind.
Many of the most powerful families of Verona have some summer houses in the country in the amarone wine zone. Especially in summertime with the hot sun of Verona the scenery gets even more beautiful and absolutely stunning.
The oldest of the villas is Villa della Torre and it dates back to the 16th century. The amazing architecture with beautiful, stoned fireplaces will leave you speechless and it is a wonderful place you won’t find anywhere in the world…

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A great number of the towns and villages in the Valpolicella are small communities that they were provided as workplaces or small industries for the wealthy landowners.

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If you want to visit such a place the accommodation would be fascinating, since some of the hotels are basd in historic villas. With the rustic and traditional architectures and the amenities, this place is the ideal destination for a relaxing getaway.

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In the nearby area you can find the Lake Garda that adds a more picturesque vibe on the scenery. The wonderful stone-terraced vineyards of Sant’ Amborio and the numerous cafes around the lake are just an hour away by car and it is ideal for a really relaxing promenade.

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In Valpolicella you can find the famous and delicious amarone, which is one of the most complex Italy’s red wines with spicy and unique taste.

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Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the whole for a good reason. Don’t forget to visit at least one of the local trattorias, which are located in the little roadside of Torbe, and taste the delicious and traditional dishes. Theatmosphere of these old fashioned, little restaurant is really relaxing!