Via Margutta is a short street having a long history, which goes back 2,000 years. At the very beginning this street was meant to be an open sewer for the villas and palaces.

Its name is likely an euphemism coming from a sarcasm. It means “sea drop”, because of the foaming pool where the cloacal stream poured down from the back-houses of Rome’s elite.
Nowadays it is a paradise and an oasis of quiet set between the teeming Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza del Popolo in the very tourist center of the city.
TVia Margutta is also particularly famous for its culinary options. There are so many little and cute restaurants that you can visit.You should also know that this particular street was once the home of the famous Italian actor, Fellini. Fellini was starring in the movie Roman Holiday, in which a scene of this street has been shot.Apart from the artistic aspect of this street, which has been also seen in the big screen, it has been also violated by a disrespectful graffiti; it was a spray-painted graffiti of a swastika tucked behind a planter in a street scene.
All these facts reveal us that is very important to pay a visit to this street. Walk at the Via Margutta and fall in love with it. Its characteristic elements like its warmth and mystery will captivate your senses and overwhelm you. Feel the romance and the chaos that derive from its residents and become a part of this vivid city of Rome…